Sunday 9th December

Enfield v Comets (Cup)

Enfield 1 - 2 Comets

WELL DONE TEAM. We may have been lean (just 11), we may have been tired (there were some sore legs and dying lungs in those last 10 minutes), we may have had no recognized goalie and Roz at right back and yet we preserved and we PROSPERED. Who cares if it took more than 90 minutes to get home (well I do a little, but that’s not the point!)

In brief – windy but decent surface, oppo organized and defensively robust but we had them under control. They had the wind and therefore most of the territory first half but we scored a lovely breakaway goal with a DEFT finish from Sam to make it 1-0 Comets. We looked like we would survive the wind-against-us trials of the first half intact until a VERY good curled free kick gave them an equalizer in the 45th minute.

Second half was all Comets, with various chances to score a winner. Eventually Michelle converted from her customary 1 yard out (she found it more difficult in the first half as she was in GOAL!) to put us 2-1 up and we had further chances to put the game safe but were very solid and conservative at the back.

So many strong performances warrant mention given great passing from several of you especially Sal, some really strong running (sam on a hangover) and by our social debutants Paulina on the wing and Beth Anne in centre mid. However, Women of the match edged by JEN for a commanding performance at defensive midfield. Strong, tireless, and great distribution and ROZ who contributed tirelessly in attack H1 and was a GREAT right back in the second half. Almost too good… !