Sunday 9th September

Wandsworth Borough v Comets (League)

Wandsworth Borough LFC 0 - 7 Comets

One of the more comical matches weve been involved in but what pleased me most was the way you approached the whole thing with excellent passing football and passion and energy and commitment. We might have only been playing vs 9 but they were resolute defensively and so compact that it was hard to find space.

2-0 at half time could have/should have been more but we were excellent throughout. We threw more players forward early second half and then they started dropping like flies, down to 8 then 7 around the 70th minute and one more sat down a couple of minutes later to ensure they would have to endure no more of the torment. Frustrating for all of you that wanted more football and we would rather have thrashed all 11 of them but you can only beat what is put in front of you and you did so convincingly and with beautiful football.

Goals from Michelle (4), Court, Drika and Brigid. Players of the match difficult as you were all doing wonderful things but Ive got to go for Michelle for being in the right place ALL the time and smashing home 4 goals (most/all from about 3 yards out BECAUSE SHE WAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE) . Brilliant example of centre forward play. Also thought Ana was looking VERY dangerous going forward and is doing AWESOMELY