Sunday 3rd March

Kingstonians 2 Ė 7 Comets (League)

WHERE DO I START?? There are few games have made me happier. What a performance against some headwinds (finishing with a back line almost entirely consisting of attacking players with no subs and driving rain for example). What a brilliant ability to dig deep and come again when the wheels threatened to come off at the start of the second half. What a SUMPTOUS display of attacking football, beautiful goals, and resilient defending.

I said a little of this on the whatsapp but I will repeat it here. Thank you to EVERYONE who did a job for the team yesterday. I normally say Ďtoo many to mentioní but let me try and mention a few. Roz for centre mid, left back, centre back and right back. Selfless. Molly for goalie and centre back. Brigid for suppressing her attacking instincts and then for goalie. Rach for yet another part game at left back. Sal for reprising her defensive midfield role of years past after 70 minutes of hard running on the wing. Katiehall for delivering nearly a full game when slightly injured and we were aiming for a lot less than that. Paulina for a stint at left back and then a very hard working stint in the middle. Shiv and Ellie for defending like heroes. Ana, Michelle and Chrissie for attacking with power and pace and great passing and amazing goals. Is that everyone? I hope to god thatís EVERYONE because you all deserve a mention!

I am now going to get the details wrong. We were in charge from the start and had a commanding 3-0 lead at the start thanks to beautiful goals from Rachel, Michelle and Ana. Felt very good at the break. Complete control. Not QUITE sure what happened start of the second half. Maybe we stayed a bit high, maybe they got lucky, but they flung long balls over the top, evaded a tackle or two, and were back to 3-2 in less than 10 minutes. Shiv was injured (hamstring) so some rapid rearrangement was required, including getting Ana from linesperson duties while down to ten players and running around with the flag myself (I know why you all hate doing it now). We dropped the 4-4-2 and got control of the game again thanks to a tremendous team effort. But you didnít just steady the ship, you banged in 4 more goals from Ana, Katie, Michelle and Chrissie. Some of the best attacking play Iíve seen from us for a long time. Power and pace.