Sunday 7th January

Tooting v Comets (League)

Tooting 0-4 Comets

This was, without question, the game of the season so far. I have written a lot that you ‘deserved better’ after a strong performance with good football has not produced the result we wanted or deserved. Yesterday you got exactly what you deserved. That performance was QUITE BRILLIANT. Tooting may have played into your hands a little by sitting off you and giving you some space to play your football but WOW did you play your football. Our distribution really was first class and we moved the ball brilliantly all game including some really lovely switching of play (through midfield AND along the back line) and some brilliant through balls for our runners.

Goals from Claudia (HATTRICK!) and Court all game in the second half but we created chances all game and could have scored more. Woman of Match HAS to go to Claudia after simply TERRORISING them all game, but there were strong performances ALL OVER THE PITCH and I thought everyone truly played their part.