Sunday 19th February

Millwall Lionesses v Comets (Capital Women's Junior Cup)

Lionesses 2-2 Comets

(Lionesses progress 3-1 on penalties)

Heck of a game. We were 1-0 down, 1-1, 2-1 down and then 2-2. They had chances, we had chances. They cleared a Rosie header OFF THE LINE with 5 minutes to go. Was exciting, was tense, was brilliant. We did a fair amount of defending but we did it very well. We also look menacing when we attacked and scored 2 good goals (Rosie and Roz). Woman of the match was Roz for being absolutely everywhere and for a colossal contribution offensively AND defensively.

The penalties were exciting and ultimately, like every other penalty shootout I've ever had an interest in, ended badly. The thing with penalties is always the same... it is amazingly tricky, given the big shiny yellow target (keeper) in the centre of your radar , to avoid aiming right at her. Fear of missing the target contributes too of course. Can everyone who took a penalty PLEASE remember that if it hadn't been for your GLORIOUS contribution we wouldn't have got to penalties in the first place. You got us that far with your brilliance and determination