Sunday 4th September

Islington v Comets (League)

Match Report: Islington 0-3 Comets

I probably shouldnít be the one reporting on a match I didnít see (sorry I didnít make it in from Heathrow in time!) but for ease and expediency Iíll tell you what Iíve heard. We were AWESOME. Many many congratulations to the new look Comets kicking off the season with a convincing win. Iím told we played pretty football once we got into our rhythm , we dominated, we restricted them to VERY FEW chances, and we scored some great goals. First goal of the new season from Harry with a Courtney assist. Next two goals from Courtney, assisted by Molly, including a weaving Court run through their entire defence. Lovely stuff. Woman of the Match - Courtney, with special mentions for Kariel (amazing debut) and Molly. Well done all.