Sunday 15th November

Tower Hamlets v Comets (Capital Women's Intermediate Cup)

Tower Hamlets 2-4 Comets

Very very proud of the 10 outfield and 2 goalies we had today. 90 minutes for all outfield players. Whit played with a cold. Shiv and Rut were forced into a full 90 minutes on their return. So so proud of all of you. What a performance

We were 4-1 up at half time having taken our chances. We worked hard to contain them second half with the wind against us. It was brilliantly played by you all second half containing them, being tight, being so very solid in central midfield and defence. Massive hats off to nat and tina for that.

But I really do doff my cap to all of you today. both goalies flawless. Back 4 of sal, whit, shiv, abi played cohesively and dropped early and contained and tackled and fought so very hard. Nat and tina were complemented by gutsy performances on each wing from rut and molly whose tireless running was particularly notable. Anna at number 10 and Hattie up top never stopped either. Anna's energy in her favourite position was just plain awesome.

Goals from Sal, Hattie, and two from Molly. Brilliant goals all. We could have scored a couple more second half as we hit them on the break and had space to attack. 4-2 pretty comfortable in the end. Not that my blood pressure about an hour in would have suggested so!

Women of the match today Nat, Anna and Molly. But I could and probably should just keep listing names. you were all entirely brilliant.