Sunday 27th September

Hackney v Comets (League)

Hackney 2-2 Comets

At 1.55pm yesterday I was entirely cross and fed up of all things COMET. Reduced to 10.5 players through illness and misfortune, I was cursing our luck, all of you (unfairly) and wished Id stayed in bed. At 4pm yesterday I have NEVER been prouder to be associated with you all. An amazingly spirited and committed performance from the 11 of you. Shiv was not really fit, had no kit, had no contact lenses, but took us to 11 players and played a blinder. Rut and Ratty were looking forward to 30-45 minutes of footie to ease them back in after lay offs but delivered a full and committed 90. There was fire and resolve ALL over the pitch and it was brilliant to see.

Hackney were good, physical, organised, moved the ball VERY well. Molly worked tirelessly to close them down up top, our midfield of Nat and Mary just kept going and fought brilliantly and the defence was extremely solid and hard working with a particularly outstanding performance from Kirsten. We went 1-0 up when a corner bobbled out to Mary and she steered it home with composure. We maintained 1-0 til half time but then conceded from a corner shortly thereafter. I was hoping to work hard for the draw when Molly hit the afterburners, powered to the byline, cut it back to the penalty spot where Mary arrived to place it expertly in the corner. 2-1 Comets with 10 to play.

I was just starting to believe the impossible dream when the quite idiotic referee gave a penalty for a bit of shoving in the box. Softest dodgiest penalty EVER. 2-2. But if youd told me at 1.55 we could have had a point out of our disastrous team sheet issues I would have snatched your hand off. Well DONE all. Am very proud.

Very hard to isolate a WOM for that performance. You were all entirely heroic. Brittany had her most assured game yet between the sticks, the back four of Rut (playing out of position), Whit, Kirst and Gemma were solid as a rock. Midfield 5 of Ratty, Mary, Nat, Shiv and Anabel never stopped running. And quite how Molly was even able to move by the end of the 90 after that hard a shift I have no idea. Fight and spirit everywhere. I refuse to choose between you this week. You won that point collectively and together. Well done.