Sunday 31st August

Comets v AFC Wimbledon Development (League)

A tough start to the season but not all bad. We started the first half with only 10 on the pitch and it was a little bit all over the place. We were 0-2 down in the first 15 mins and looked un organised and lost our heads and concentration as we got hit with fluke goals and mistakes that should not, and will not be seen ever again! ;) We seemed nervous when ever we had possession, our passes where all over the place and we were making things difficult for ourselves against a very young, fit and quick squad. When we finally got some give and go's in, took the ball down and passed through them we got our goal, scored by Sarah Rouse, just before half time where they lead 1-4. We used the half time to gather ourselves, and get our strategy in order. We talked about taking time in the midfield to look up, people around you telling you if you have a few seconds and being there for each other to make things just that bit easier as we did not have any subs and had to minimise our running. We saw that we needed to compete for every 50/50 as they were sometimes hesitant in tackles and all things more physical. We also had full faith in ourselves that we could win this game, and we went in to the second half with that in our heads! We just needed that first half to figure things out as there were people in our squad that had never even met before. Second half we owned! We had probably around 8 chances where we could have scored and if this had been a little later in the season I am positive we would have scored. We kept the young and quick Wimbledon squad in their place for the full 45 minutes and I am very proud of our effort. Last 10 minutes were a bit messy as we were tired, but the end score was 1-4. In the end there are a lot of things that we take from this game, good and bad. We were like two different teams in each half and I hope we see more of the second half Comets in the next few games. Woman of the match goes to Leanne with a honourable mention to Lara.