Sunday 6th April

Comets v Enfield (League)

Comets 3 Enfield 1

We really got back on track and played some quite brilliant football. Very solid defensively, and then we really expressed ourselves going forward and could have scored more. Leanne was IMMENSE before coming off injured. Scored two barnstorming goals and drew the foul for the penalty (which Katiehall dispatched with net busting force).

Woman of the match has to be Leanne after that performance. Was also really impressed with Gemma and Steph, and everyone really. I really thought it was one of the best team performances I have seen this season. Enfield were a good team - played nice triangles and had decent possession. We had to be disciplined and organised to repel that and then we really did attack with pace, verve and force. Was AWESOME to watch.

Big thank you to Silvia for a very very solid performance in goal. Cool head, good decision making, no mistakes. Well done again to all of you - thought we all played a vital part in a really impressive performance. This moves us to 4th place with a game in hand. We have 3 games left. 3 more points secures us 4th. 6 more points secures us 3rd IF we win this weekend.