Sunday 30th March

Hackney v Comets (League)

Hackney 1-2 Comets

A glorious 1-2 win against Hackney Ladies. Very well fought, such a team effort and a great comeback after going 1-0 down early in the first half. We had goals from captain Power and a penalty goal from Katie Hall. I just want to say to everyone that played today that you were amazing, everyone backed each other up and we talked so much more than we have in the last few games, it makes such a difference. I have been agonising over who should get Woman of the match since early in the second half... but now that I am home and have had some time to think about it I want to give it to Silvia for her excellent defending and great overlaps. The whole back line was great apart for some jitters in the first few minutes, Lara was nearly faultless in left back and had some great passes up to Shona and Katie, Georgia and Fiona very strong as fullbacks, keeping Precious at bay (remember her?? ;) ). Midfield had a difficult task but Tina, Whitney and Katie were tireless with Morgan and Shona (even though slightly broken) just kept fighting for the entire 90 minutes. Gemma did really well up front in a new position, running and fighting for every ball.

That's all from me, thank you for being awesome, and special thanks to Sal for cheering us on!