Sunday 21st October

Comets v Bromleian (League)

It was a dank sultry Sunday and McGrumpy was to Battersea Park early to continue his groundman duties filling in the (ever larger) puddle on the pitch. (Katie, remind me to talk to the council this week?) We were prompt, dressed and ready to go and Marella took the team through warm up while McGrumpy continued his attempts at agriculture. We started brightly against a well organised and very solid Bromleian team, controlling possession, with Katie, Jas and Sam controlling the game in the middle. Our passing game was working extremely well and we were finding space and penetration down the flanks where Nicole and Ratty were looking dangerous. Marie was having her best game for the Comets up front, with excellent movement (and excellent incisive passing from midfield) creating opportunities.

Our first goal came from another excellent attack, ball out wide and whipped in, only for the under pressure defender to turn it into her own net. A fortunate twist of fate, but in a way it was no more than we deserved. 1-0 at half time and Furry Gussett was introduced to the game in place of the excellent Nicole. We continued to dominate and a Sam Hufford goal just before the hour mark gave us a deserved 2-0 lead.

Of course, there was a wobble to come and the second goal galvanised Bromley and they threw everything at us, soon scoring an excellent goal on the break. 20 minutes of sustained pressure followed. Abi and Silvia were introduced to the fray, prompting McGrumpy to chase Silvia (who had the ball) all the way down the wing in an overexcitable attempt to convince her to head for the corner flag with 3 minutes remaining. BIG hats off to the defensive effort the last 20 minutes with Marella, Rollo, Georgia, Fiona and Whitney excelling in their organisation and individual brilliance to keep the opposition at bay. A deserved 2-1 victory, our 3rd win of the season, and up to 5th in the table. Hooray.