Sunday 3rd February

Comets v Orpington (Russell Cup)

Really really really well played today. For those not present, the result was a marvellous...

Should have been 11 if the ref hadn't naughtily ruled out Marie's rebound from her own penalty.

Anyway, you were all brilliant and kept playing your football and kept your shape throughout. Good passing, good penetration down the flanks, good final balls, good finishing.

Woman of the match nearly impossible when you were all so great but I'm going to go nicole and jasmine.

Goals (I might need some help with this) were...

1 own goal, abi (2), marie, nicole, sonal, jas, rollo, krystle (2)

That adds up to 10 right? Did I remember everyone? Big thank you to abi and sonal who volunteered to come off at half time to let ratty and krystle have 45 minutes.