Sunday 27th November

Clapham United v Comets (League)

Comets 9 - 0 Sloanies

Clapham 3 -1 Comets

Our first loss of the season probably looks a bit worse on paper than it felt at the time and I really felt we were still in it until very late on. We didn’t control the game though, and Clapham’s excellent organisation and pressing game restricted our chances. We failed to beat their offside trap in the first half but Marilyn was spritely and hungry, presumably showing off to her mother. We had looked quite resolute defensively until we went behind to a lovely through ball and finish late in the first half.

In the second half it felt like our disappointing passing game picked up and we started to have more of the ball, chances were still at a premium, but we were definitely looking a much improved outfit. I had hope. The game started to open up but sadly it was the opposition that struck, twice in quick succession, to end our hopes. We actually hit the bar a few minutes later before Ratty slotted a consolation in the dying minutes.

We need to pick our heads up and rally from this, we need more spark energy and determination next time, coupled with a calm head and sensible accurate passing. We will bounce from this and we will march onwards onwards. A foggy November morning gave way to glorious sunshine as the Mighty Comets LIT UP my Sunday with their dazzling football. First half was good but because we were against weaker opposition we tried to do too much individually and failed to maximise our slick passing. Second half was better for passing even though we scored 5 in the first half and only 4 in the second.