Sunday 13th November

Comets v Fulham Compton (League)

The most pleasing football result of the weekend actually had NOTHING to do with England. It was the hard fought 1-1 draw the Comets salvaged in the 89th minute.

"Fat Bearded One" the enigmatic coach of this famous womenís football team put out an aggressive line up but was disappointed when we failed to control the game, going 1-0 down after 20 minutes. By half time we could have been further behind. The half time team chat was not a happy occasion. Some inspirational substitutes and a large helping of WAKE UP later, and we threw ourselves at the second half like our lives depended on it. However, after a disallowed goal, and another one that went over the line but wasnít given, I started to believe it really wasnít going to be our day.

It was an irritable niggly game with plenty of agitation on the field. Tough tactics from the opposition and a failure to clamp down from the referee meant that tempers were fraying. A two footed studs-up lunge from them went unpunished but Marilynís nudge on their goalie meant our goal was disallowed. Never too far from controversy, Marilyn 'Rutting Stag' Hoyle had a forehead to forehead red mist moment with their potty mouthed number 16 with plenty of growling from both sides. So impressed were with with her steel and fearlessness. This was slightly undone later in the second half when she RAN AWAY from her adversary with the immortal line "YOU scare me, but as long as you donít hurt me then thats okay !!" Jen meanwhile took the sledging to a new level but accompanied her insults with a shove that earned her a yellow card.

Then with 10 minutes left Roe made an inspirational, (game saving) save, tipping a piledriver onto the bar. And then, shortly afterwards, came salvation. Cue the 89th minute, a free kick 30 yards out, and up steps WHITNEY (again). She unleashed a rocket into the top corner and the fat man was dancing on the sidelines. We are more reliant on Whit right now than Arsenal are on Van Persie.

Woman of the match is shared between Whitney for THAT GOAL and Anna Furrygusset for changing the game when she game on at half time. Whitney now has 4 goals this season, second to Sonalís 8. However, SIX of Sonalís were in preseason. Just saying ;-)

A draw was probably a Ďfair resultí but as ever I was slightly disappointed not to steal all three points, especially in light of the disallowed goal. This all leaves us Ďpoisedí in Division 2. Good news that Bedfont only drew this weekend.....