Sunday 4th March

Fulham Compton v Comets (League)

Fulham 0 - 3 Comets

I was very very sorry not to be there, but I’ve heard from several (entirely unbiased of course) sources that you were BRILLIANT. Controlled the game from start to finish, could have scored more, ripped them to shreds. Having carefully considered your various thoughts on Woman Of Match have decided to give it to SONAL for being referenced by everyone as having ‘run them ragged’ but the consistent feedback was that it was a COMPLETE team performance and that you are all very very clever indeed. Goals from Marie, Sonal and Sal sealed the victory and well done to the defence for a smashing clean sheet. If anyone who was actually there wants to add more, please do so !!


Yes it was a great game yesterday - it was one of those games where EVERYTHING came together and the comets were playing 'just like Brazil' moving the ball across the pitch like it was wembley turf, and not the slippery, muddy pitch we found ourselves on hats off to EVERYONE who played, everyone was amazeballs - well done Sonal for your WOM, but i have to give a special shout out to Sal and Tina - who apparently were not fit to play 90 mins? REALLY, you were both fantastic...i think Sal has been having us on that she has been injured all season and has instead been secretely plying her football trade for another team. Becuase there was no way that was someone who had only managed 30 mins all season - well done Sal, its great to have you back fully :-)


I second Rollo's honorable mentions. Both Sal and Tina dig deep an made the rest of us look lazy. ;) Also, Marie did a great job creating plays and being in the perfect position constantly, despite an angry hammi. All in all, a great showing from the wet and muddy Comets.