Sunday 29th January

Comets v Old Actonians (League)

A lively Comets side looked ready willing and able to put bottom of league Old Actonians to the sword. Several shots in the first few minutes suggested it was ‘only a matter of time’. Sadly, it was NOT to be. Probably one of the most frustrating 90 minutes of my Comets tenure, and probably the single biggest reason I have been so grumpy for the last 24 hours. We controlled the game but weren’t incisive enough, our finishing occilated between ‘really unlucky’ and ‘woeful’ and we scuppered 427 chances to score. The resulting 0-0 draw was rightly cheered by the opposition and we trooped off to the pub to eat a very subdued and grumpy lunch. Shocker. There is no other word for it. ;-(