Sunday 7th October

BA v Comets (League)

Well a long trek over to Heathrow area, and no great trip at the end! But...we did have a well played game to write home about!

BA were a decent team and made good use of dishing the ball out to their wingers, but all in all, I think we were the better team (no thanks to the ref!) This weeks game was a much more composed and controlled show of football. We made good use of our triangle passing, support, and the easy ball! Our instinct to move INTO pressure or kick the ball and chase was, for the most, part overruled by our decision to let the ball do some of the running (especially in the first 10minutes of the second half). I think we made excellent use of touching back to our support and moving the ball up the field with clean, nice, and simple passes! Well done girls! Mark would have been proud!

Lucy and Alma were a dynamic duo at the front, leading our team up the field with excellent touches to each other and runs down the outside! Ellie had a fantastic game -- every time I looked around she was making runs or passes down the left wing!

Kirsten and Fiona held our midfield together and did a great job at letting one player move up the field for a shot or pressure, while the other hung back to cover the space.

Our back four (Louise, Fia, Edwina, and Shona) held up a strong line and did not make any BA strikers' job an easy one! I was blown away by Edwina's energy and closed down countless players that flew by me!!

As always, great talking and keeping EVERYONE in check by Nikki! I think we all need to follow in Nikki's footsteps and talk more on the field. I don't know if the was the planes overhead, but I couldn't hear much chatting between us throughout the game! The more we talk to each other, the more we can read the plays, mark the other team...and MOTIVATE each other!

Overall, a great game. Lets do more and more of the simple passes and looking to support in the next game, and it should be in the bag!

Looking forward to next Sunday!