Trailer Wars

And finally, the scores on the doors and congrats to some of the heroines of the weekend.

Trailer 46 (kirst, katie, sal, silvia, mcgrumpy) built a strong lead in trailer wars through their victory in Celebrity Salad, Footie Golf, and the Very Smashing Quiz.

Trailer 48 (penrose, roe, whitney, marylin, anna) fought back with a compelling display in the Football, and Guess the Asda Price rounds. They were up at 6am and drilled by penrose until their sense of competitive priority was finely tuned.

Trailer 46A (haze, nic, bronwyn, jess), aka the Granny Flat (due to the furniture, nothing to do with the fact that ofoego is getting on a bit!) serenely brought up the rear for the entire weekend, but they did so with grace (and with whipped cream over their upper lips).

Coming into the special awards, trailer 46 held a tiny 1 point lead over trailer 48. :However, we must now award the coveted "tour mvp" awards for outstanding contribution to the tour. These awards, dished out solely at my own discretion, and worth a bonus point each, go to the following....

Which means Trailer 46a are still third but we now have a TIE for Trailer of the Tour. A dead heat between Trailers 46 and 48. The prize is a game of Celebrity Salad with Anna. Have fun.......